(hugs mun and gives you chocolates) I'm sorry you had a shitty day.

   This is five days late (my reply that is).  thanks dear anon, I still haven’t paid my parking ticket and my next class is on Wednesday and I hope I can find an adequate parking space tbh. But thanks so much anon! :) 

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I’m sorry but if you try to tell me there are only three wizard schools in the ENTIRE magical world I will fight you.

I wanna see Indian wizardry schools

Japanese magic schools where the house ghosts have shrines

Schools hidden in sand dunes and enchanted to look like mirages

American schools hidden in Roswell and Salem

Public magical schools for kids that don’t want to leave home for seven years



i wanna kik u but im too scared tbh

     Dear anon please do not be scared of me on kik especially because I’m a complete dork. My kik is normally used for RP purposes and will read as Stiles Stilinski with a picture of him. I usually use (  text text text ) to notify the person that I am speaking OOC. .  I usually just do IC texting and only do para for plotted out instances.

My kik is alwaysfiguresitout    

 xoxoxo, C 

If I don’t reply to your message in a few days, it’s not because I hate you it’s probably because I read it on mobile and don’t have time to answer it on the computer. 

If you want to drop a thread because of my slow replies, please message me. If you want to plot something new, please message me.

If I owe you a post, please like this. 

mun rant:

I’ve lost thirteen followers this weekend. Usually I don’t feel the need to post about losing followers but it makes me feel sad (if they were roleplaying blogs and not personal blogs that follow me for the teen wolf edits/fanart) because I’m trying my best to reply to people 1-3 days after they’ve replied to me. BUT IT’S DIFFICULT.

I have school on Monday/Wednesday/ Friday, during that time I am gone from 9am to 5:30 pm because I pick my mom up from work at 5 and we don’t get home till 5:30. Then dinner, then cleaning up the kitchen and then maybe watching a movie with my parents. I try to plan my outfit for work the night before and I’m usually tired by 9pm to be honest. I DO have a break from 11:30-2:00pm during school but that’s usually reserved for meetings with teachers/catching up on homework.

Then on Tuesday/ Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, I work. I work on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10am-5pm, Saturday from 10am-5:30 pm and Sunday from 11am-4pm. This leaves me a very limited space to do homework and work on replies.

The fluke this weekend was that  I had a break this Sunday and today because it’s labor day. I DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER DAYS OFF THIS ENTIRE MONTH. So please forgive me if it takes 2-4 days to post a reply to you and I’m sorry if it’s shorter or it sucks. My head space is focusing on school and trying to graduate when I should have graduated this past May if my credits and scheduling wasn’t screwed up.  

For those of you that have stuck with me and are patient, LET ME LOVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ALL THE NICE THINGS IN THE WORLD. Really, I appreciate it more than you know. Roleplaying. Teen Wolf and Writing are some of my passions right now and they help me cope with stress. To be away from you all and writing Stiles’ character really gets me down.

  xoxoxoxo, C