My day off was great, I went shopping and ran some errands. I miss everyone sssoo much on here and my stiles muse is being kept alive by my babes on Kik.

If I had time I’d return to the rp world for stiles and for an AHS freak show character ( either jimmy or Emma Roberts character) but I’m swamped with schoolwork & work.

Love you all 💟


Don't rob any banks! Without me!

There’s definitely something there, whether it’s romantic or not, Parrish is definitely intrigued by Lydia. His attention when the Sheriff brought her in…he was a little more excited or a little more inquisitive than maybe the average person would’ve been. And he went through that experience where he found the dead bodies with her and his suspicions of her being psychic were kind of there all along and that just intensified it. I think he’s intrigued by her, definitely. In which manner, I’m not quite sure.” - Ryan Kelley


    I have a paper to write with my partner for my persuasion class and it’s due this Sunday. I also have math homework and an annotated bib to start. Today, after school, I’m going out with my department at work for drinks and then I’ll go to work tomorrow thnen class on friday and then work this weekend.

UUGHHHHHHHHH someone cuddle me. PS, i miss you all. and I hope to revamp stiles sometime during early october. Just letting you all know I’m alive


boys tied up, crying, sweating, panting in pain (❀‿❀)



Title: Sleeping With A Friend
Artist: Neon Trees
Album: Sleeping With A Friend - Single
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And why mess up a good thing, baby?
It’s a risk to even fall in love
So, when you give that look to me
I better look back carefully
‘Cause this is trouble, yeah this is trouble

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