my life is quickly unraveling at the seams and I only have a few days to figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my education so I’ll be lurking on mobile for the rest of the night. I have 20+ replies in my drafts but they are not finished. I have 9+ memes as well.

I want to plot with my new followers as well but I need to figure out what I’m doing in RL first. TOMORROW (the 21st) I’m meeting with my Mom’s boss at 11:30 to see if I can possible have a part time job at the store. So, I will definitely be MIA tomorrow morning. Replies MAYBE will be completed tonight but not posted until sometime tomorrow.

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are you all like lydia?

Realizing today is stupid and college sucks 60% of the time: In pictures 

When my dean told me I couldn’t take the math class because wasn’t I supposed to take one at the community college that would count? Jerkface, you didn’t tell me I HAD to take it. You said it was an option that wouldn’t COUNT as credit or a prereq. 

Realizing I drove 2 h o u r s  total for a six minute fucking meeting.

Realizing I have to pick my mom up from work at 5 and I have to manage to somehow beat the stupid college system and either test into the 150 math course at my community college or just have a breakdown. 


Maybe you’re p s y c h i c.

Don’t tell me you believe all that.


when someone ships my OTP with the same burning passion that i do